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Barbie Doll and Pets, Blonde Doll with Mommy Dog, 3 Newborn Puppies

The Barbie Doll and Pets set features a blonde Barbie doll along with a mommy dog and three adorable newborn puppies. Kids can join Barbie in taking care of the puppies, nurturing and playing with them. It's a delightful set that inspires nurturing and imaginative play for Barbie enthusiasts.

Barbie It Takes Two Doll & Accessories, Malibu Camping Playset with Doll, Pet Puppy & 10+ Accessories Including Sleeping Bag

The Barbie It Takes Two Doll & Accessories set includes a Barbie doll, a pet puppy, and a Malibu Camping Playset with 10+ accessories. With a sleeping bag, picnic basket, and more, kids can engage in imaginative camping adventures with Barbie and her adorable pet. It's a perfect set to encourage storytelling and creative play for Barbie fans.

Mattel, Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Dolls & Playset, Age 10+

Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Dolls & Playset: Includes Skipper doll, baby doll, crib, and 10+ accessories like a working bouncer. Perfect for imaginative play and nurturing role-play scenarios.